Company Name: The Mind Gym - www.themindgym.com
When: April 2006 - July 2007
Where: London, United Kingdom
Position: Developer

My duties at The Mind Gym included rolling out customised online environments designed to aid internal learning and development initiatives for companies such as Credit Suisse, ITV, Marks and Spencer and Experian. My duties also included replacing The Mind Gym's internal booking system, building and maintaining components for both the corporate and community based websites, ensuring compatibility between older code modules and the new framework put in place as well as training users on how to use the booking system. As part of the maintenance and continued development of the booking system my duties also included gathering requirements from co-workers for future changes and ensuring the system met the user expectations.

Company Name: Go2Africa - www.go2africa.com
When: September 2004 - January 2006
Where: Cape town, South Africa
Position: Web Application Developer

My duties at Go2africa were to maintain the existing systems as well as implement new systems designed to replace some of the existing systems. Go2Africa's technical environment was a hybrid one. Most of the older systems were built using Microsoft technologies while many of the newer systems used Linux and open source technologies where possible. This put me in the position of a hybrid developer, giving me the ability to easily switch between the two styles of programming. The old systems gave me a solid understanding of ASP, MS-SQL, VB Script, MS-Access and the Microsoft methods of doing things, while the new systems allowed me to build upon my stronger areas, the PHP, MySQL and Linux method of development.

My secondary duties included fixing any bugs that might have occurred the previous day, setting up a safe development environment using subversion source control, managing the source repository and playing the role of reporting developer by writing any customised reports that may have been needed by the business.

Company Name: Tenyks.net
When: 2003 - September 2004
Where: Cape town, South Africa
Position: Owner/Software Engineer

Tenyks was a small company providing web development services to its clients. The software developed at Tenyks was primarily web driven using mostly open-source technologies such as Linux, Apache, PHP, MySQL and XML.

My responsibilities at Tenyks included database design, database implementation, software development, the development of test cases, product testing, the overall management of the company code repository and the research of new technologies and how it might be applicable within the context of the business.

The projects I worked on most recently while at Tenyks include:

  • www.waterfront.co.za - Developed a personalised mailer tool to send out e-mail newsletters.
    Technologies used:
    Linux, Apache, MYSQL, PHP, HTML

  • www.dbass.net - Developed a registration system that allows users to sign up for a weekly e-mail newsletter. Developed a mailer tool to send out weekly e-mail newsletters.
    Technologies used:
    Linux, Apache, PHP, MYSQL, Smarty, HTML, JavaScript

  • www.cutterbuck.co.za - For this, I developed a bespoke content management system to cater for the specific needs of the site.
    Technologies used:
    Linux, Apache, MYSQL, PHP, Smarty, HTML, JavaScript

  • www.fleurducap.co.za - Developed a content management system for an online South African wine catalogue.
    Technologies used:
    WINNT, MSSQL, ODBC, PHP, Smarty, HTML, JavaScript

Company Name: Inyathelo - South African Institute for Advancement
When: March 2003 - May 2003
Where: Cape town, South Africa
Position: Freelance Developer

At Inyathelo I was contracted to build an application using Microsoft Access and Visual Basic over an existing Microsoft Access Database. I did this while finishing off my final year of Computer Science at the University of Cape Town.