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An Introduction

The first computer I ever used was my dad's Apple II. I am not entirely sure why, but soon after I was presented with my own computer. The reason for the gift might have been to encourage the interest I showed in computers from an early age or it might have been due to the fact that it became tedious for my father to repeatedly re-install the operating system I destroyed with my many curious experiments.

What I want from my employment is a place where I can refine my skills working within a team of individuals. These individuals must be capable of performing on their own, as I am, but must also be willing to share the information they have acquired from their experience in their specific areas. This too can be expected of me.

Where do I see myself in 10 years? I am a 27 year old presentable, articulate, literate single male. I am a dedicated, goal-orientated, lateral thinking person who is able to bring these skills into my working environment. Once hired, and assessed, I have full confidence that I will be recognised for my hard work and dedication.

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